Estate Planning for Singles: Issues and Essentials

These days nearly half of all Americans are single. If you are single and must deal with estate planning, it’s important to meet with a professional and consider the following points.Read More

5 Things to Consider While Creating a Will in California

The reason a last Will and Testament is important is because it clarifies who takes possession of assets owned by a person after their death. Without a will, unresolved confusion and tension may occur within a family.Read More

Overwhelmed Executors

3 Tips for Overwhelmed Executors

While it is an honor to be named as an executor of a will or estate, it can also be a sobering and daunting responsibility. Being an executor (sometimes called a personal representative) requires a high level of organization, foresight, and attention to detail to meet responsibilities and ensure that all beneficiaries receive the assets to which they are entitled.Read More

Mistakes Made by Successor Trustees

5 Mistakes Made by Successor Trustees (and How to Prevent Them)

When establishing a trust, you need to give serious thought to choosing your successor trustee—the person who will administer your trust once you’re no longer able to do so. This individual ideally should be:Read More

Mistakes People Make When Leaving Assets to Their Pets

5 Tragic Mistakes People Make When Leaving Assets to Their Pets

A pet trust is an excellent way to make sure your beloved pet will receive proper care after you pass on. The problem, of course, is that you won’t actually be there to see that your wishes are carried out. It’s critical to set up a pet trust correctly to ensure there are no loopholes or unforeseen situations that could make your plans go awry.Read More